The projects we undertake are broad for such a small team.
From branding and digital systems, to experiential spaces and behavioural interventions. Every day’s a school day. Each project is different to the last. Working with us means to grow with us.

In many ways, 3800 is an experiment – a conscious effort to ignore the expected and create a new way of working. It means we’re not rushing through our growth. We’re really making time to do the formative work. To understand what we all want from a career. And to find the people who share our values.


We uncover, imagine and design better tomorrows, by:

Exploring big questions and striving to understand the humans at the heart of them. We are Inquisitive.

Anticipating future problems and taking meaningful steps towards solving them. We are Proactive.

Seeing the potential within challenges and having confidence in our abilities. We are Optimistic.

Improving ourselves daily, being driven by change and taking positive risks. We are Ambitious.

Being of service to others and leaving our world in a better place. We are Humble.

All roles include

  • A salary you’re happy with
  • Personal growth allowance to spend as you choose
  • Training and progression in areas that you want 
  • 1-1 coaching to explore barriers and behaviours 
  • A part in shaping our culture and benefits 
  • A creative studio space with ALL the kit (table saw inc.)
  • The freedom to make the role yours 
  • 'No working with clients you hate' policy 
  • A job with substance & soul


As people and as a studio, we see the power, possibility and potential of diversity. As we grow, we're actively looking for the best people to join us in our inclusive space. So if you're committed, caring and honest, you'll be welcomed with open arms, whatever your identity, orientation, skin colour, faith or disabilities. Come as you are. 

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