Solomon Cook
Motion Designer


I think that the more ideas we surround ourselves with, the better our own ideas become. From graphic design and UI, to my current passion for motion, I am always searching for whichever process and medium provides the best framework of understanding for people.

I think that if we are better informed we make better decisions, and that everyone making better decisions will make a better world.
That’s why I love creating.


"Sol’s hoard of strange boardgames and his extensive chilli sauce collection should be my favourite things about him, but actually it’s his attitude towards his work that I love the most.

He dives two-feet first into any problem, software or project and totally immerses himself. And I haven’t seen anything yet that he doesn’t completely shine at. " – Sam Lightfinch

"I could tell early on after meeting Sol that he is totally committed to being the best designer he can be. Always learning and mastering, he sees every project as a fresh way to test his skills but also jump headfirst into anything, which is really admirable." – Lee Ashton

"Sol is by far the most systematic and diligent person that I know. His methodical approach to problem solving, acquiring new skills and rising to anything new inspires much respect! 

Aside from being sharp as a tac, Sol approaches his work and life with absolute integrity. His commitment to making meaningful and ethical contributions, is wonderful to be around. 

In addition to these admirable qualities, Sol is quite simply hilarious just by being himself! Full of warmth and a love for hot sauce, there’s never a dull day with him around." – Georgina Williams

"Sol has produced some jaw-dropping moments in the last 6 months. And he takes it all in his stride, with a confidence of someone way beyond his years. He has a considered, methodical approach to projects that shows in the quality of his work. I’m just excited to see what he does next. "
– Dave Greasley

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