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Stories have always been special to me. I don’t think many people really think about how powerful they are. Our whole lives are stories. We tell them to ourselves every day. We constantly write and tweak them. And sharing them brings us closer together. 

The crux of my role is to help organisations figure out who they are, what they stand for, and how to get where they want to be. And I’m good at it because I have a knack for creating memorable and effective ideas that resonate with people.

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"Sam crafts engaging stories, and builds thorough strategies, but his true skill is keeping the focus on people within these. His warm and welcoming personality and his sense of style make working with him a pleasure and his people-focussed work, full of integrity." – Solomon Cook

"Sam is deeply empathic, which gives him the authentic advantage of being able to step into the shoes of those he is seeking to capture and connect with. From his personal to professional life, Sam is inquisitive, considerate and full of heart. His interest and understanding of others creates a depth to the work that he produces, helping people and brands to feel ‘seen’ in the words that he crafts.

Sam is often the questioner of the team, speaking up with the problem and the audience in mind. His support and contributions make a valuable difference to the team and the work that we create together." – Georgina Williams

"Sam’s ability to tune in to the emotional crux of any brief or situation is unmatched. Care and attention to detail are things he has in abundance and it shows in the work he produces and the connections he makes with both clients and team members. He’s someone who cares a great deal about the change we can make as a team." – Lee Ashton

"I knew I'd met someone special the first time I met Sam. He was one of my people. I could sense his innate creativity, it spilled out of him like a fancy cocktail full of words, art and soul. He brings a radiant energy to the studio, which we all soak up. His ability to throw himself chin-deep into projects is what makes his work so effective."
– Dave Greasley

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