Lee Ashton
Industrial Designer


The design process is about empathy, listening and letting go of preconceptions. To create anything truly successful, you have to fully understand its need to exist in the first place (and the impact you hope it will have) and make sure you never lose sight of that. 

Design for me is a tool for making positive change in the world. It can genuinely improve people’s lives. My role in the team is to create a connection between people and the end product. I do that by understanding what people need and creating solutions that not only meet those needs, but improve in every way what has gone before. 


"Lees passion for design as a functional and meaningful solution to societal and business problems has alway been inspiring to be around. It’s clear that values and usability matter to Lee, with an outstanding ability in pencilling and precision. Lee has the vision and creativity to envisage the form and features of products, and wants to make a difference to the world. I’m excited to see what we create together! " – Georgina Williams

"Lee is a gentle soul with an eye for a clean line and a taste for all things German, efficient and simple. He's brought a completely new set of ideologies to 3800 that have firmly enhanced our output. We've all had our eyes opened to the power of touch, texture and finish. It's clear to see that Lee genuinely cares about his craft." – Dave Greasley

"It's truly great when Lee works on something and his passion for doing things properly comes out. His attention to detail, unique creative perspective and cheerfulness elevates us all to a higher level in the workplace." – Solomon Cook

"Lee is methodical on another level. His devotion to care and attention shows up in his work but also in the way he treats people and conducts himself. His notebooks are a thing of absolute beauty. He’s always the one that cleans the coffee machine and he introduced me to Fred Again… so he gets two thumbs up!" – Sam Lightfinch

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