Dave Greasley
Founder & Designer


I don't think I'm particularly great at any one thing. Suprisingly, that's probably my greatest strength. I'm infinitely curious and relatively unafraid of being a novice. Creatively, that's allowed me to explore a lot of different avenues for some incredible brands. 

My role within 3800 is to connect brands with their people. To turn customers and employees into advocates, and to help build organisations with real substance and soul.


"Dave gets the best from people because not only does he believe in them, but he helps them believe in themselves. I should know. I’ve worked with plenty of talented creatives over the years, but there’s a depth and a pride that runs through Dave’s work and approach that I’ve never seen before. When he goes quiet, you know he’s seen something no one else has spotted. Those are usually the moments when problems turn into answers." – Sam Lightfinch

"If I could use an analogy to capture Dave’s mindset and attitude towards work and life, I'd say that he is the mouse that looks for cheese, not for cats! If there’s a positive risk to be taken, Dave will envisage it, create it and take it.

With a passion for improvement and finding innovative solutions to business and people problems, Dave cares about making a meaningful impact to the world and leaving it in a better place than he found it. His humility, authenticity and commitment to long term impact, over short term gains, models the meaning and pay-offs found in deep and purposeful work. Thank you for seeing the potential in each of the team. We see and appreciate yours too!" – Georgina Williams

"Dave is a doer. His experience is so broad you can be confident that any question or challenge you have won’t daunt him. His commitment to raising up his team is infectious and motivates you to always do your best work. His honesty always brings out the best in our team and he always gives great feedback and guidance that’s supportive, not just critical." – Lee Ashton

"One of my favourite things about Dave is his desire to do what is right over what is easy, which is especially challenging in the business world (despite being rewarding). I think that makes him a strong leader and it enables him to inspire, motivate and cultivate the best in others; which is what he does." – Solomon Cook

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