Motion Designer / Animator
4-5 Days Per Week (pro-rata)
Sheffield (studio based)

Closing Date: 27.05.22

We're looking for someone special...


And we know special is hard to find. But who doesn’t love a long shot? After all, you might be after the same thing. 

We want someone with at least 4 years of studio experience who hasn’t reached their potential yet, but is itching to. Someone who lives on their toes and can keep us on ours as we solve big problems, improve people’s daily lives and enjoy the journey.

And right now that person is a motion designer. More specifically, a talented motion designer with desirable qualities who mirrors and models our attitude and approach to work. You’ll be working alongside our team to produce animated content to help us and our clients communicate effectively. You'll be our first motion designer, so we're looking for someone who can help us build out our offering in this area.

Traits we value

Drive – We’ve seen so many creatives jaded by their experiences. We don’t want sleepwalkers, we want someone with a real desire to help people improve, think creatively and produce knock-out work. 

Curiosity – The best creatives ask questions and never stop learning. We want someone who asks ‘What if?’ ‘Why not?’ And ‘How come?’ We want people who look at problems sideways because they’re always trying to turn them on their head. 

Openness – Communication is the lynchpin of a healthy team. We’re honest and respectful. We don’t do egos and we care about other. We want the same in return. 

Adaptability – Our approach means our work spans well beyond what you might expect. So we need someone who is comfy outside their comfort zone. The type of person who has an idea and then figures out how to do it. 

Authenticity – The most interesting people are the ones who are radically themselves. The originals. More of them please. 

Love – Loving your job shouldn’t be a radical idea. We care about our work and its impact on the world. So show us what you’re passionate about. 

What we’re offering

  • A salary you’re satisfied with
  • Training and progression in areas that you want 
  • A part in shaping our culture and benefits 
  • A creative studio space with all the kit (table saw included)
  • The freedom to make the role yours 
  • A job with substance + soul

We’re new, but we’ve been around

3,800 is an improvement studio, for the future thinkers and change makers. We partner with ambitious leaders to build brands, engage audiences and improve operations. 

The projects we undertake are broad for such a small team. From branding and digital systems, to experiential spaces to behavioural change. Every day’s a school day. Each project is different to the last. Working with us means to grow with us.

Getting the best people around the table 

The studio is new, but we’re not. Dave co-founded and ran Side by Side. Sam has spent his career as a copywriter and strategist in Sheffield and Nottingham. Georgina has been working in education & behavioural change for over a decade. 

You can watch us chatting about why we exist, here

In many ways, 3,800 is an experiment – a conscious effort to ignore the expected and work in our own image. It means we’re still in our infancy, and not rushing through it. We’re making time to do the formative and explorative groundwork. Really digging in and figuring out what our soul and substance is, to make sure that we don’t lose sight of it as we grow. 

Application details

Send us your CV & a portfolio/showreel,
along with salary expectations,
Subject: Motion Designer

Closing Date: 27th May 2022

Start Date: ASAP

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