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Branding has evolved beyond flashy graphics and enthusiastic slogans. A successful brand runs through the hearts of employees and customers alike.

Consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before. More value, more engagement, more reason to choose you.

We work with brands to uncover their purpose, visualise their story and form deeper connections with their audience.

'Choice' is the single biggest problem facing business owners.

Over two thousand new businesses launch every day, and that's just here in the UK.
As consumers, we’ve never had this volume of choice before. 

Should we choose to spend our money with Brand A, because of its stance on climate change? Will we opt for Brand B, because of its influential collaborations? Or should we choose Brand C, because of its ethically sourced supply chain?

When we combine these saturated markets with the ease of digital advertising, we can start to understand why it's increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and communicate effectively.

The countermeasure to all of this choice, is 'connection'.

We're wired to connect.

Consumers are looking for an experience beyond a conversion. Employees are more engaged by an organisation's mission than a salary. 

Here at 3,800 we take branding beyond aesthetics. It all starts with a purpose – a reason to unite customers, employees, leaders and followers.

From there we weave stories through each part of your brand experience. Every touch-point is considered, and re-considered, to foster connection and deeper engagement.  

Yes we design beautiful things, but what we create are brands that people are proud to be part of. 

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